phreak_7 (phreak_7) wrote in mypainexposed,

I have a favor to ask you

anyone reading this?
anyone at all?
hello? are you out there?
if there are people out there who read this journal I want to ask of you a favor
don't worry it's not challenging it will not require much effort but I want to do something I want to make something happen something that will make people question something that will stir peoples soul something that wil reaffirm life
I want to honor my brother
I want to celebrate his birthday
if you want to help me you only need do one thing
find a way to incorperate the numbers "6/9/75" into your day on 6/9/05
if you use LJ or blogspot then put it in your header
if you have a webcam or digicam make a sign and snap it
put it in your yahoo status
leave it on a message board
put it on the windows od your car and snap a pic of it
put it on someone elses car and snap a pic
acknowledge my brothers birthdate and then send me the links as to where I can find it
and then when people ask what it means tell them simply it's the birthdate of someone who deserves being honored
we reaffirm life by celebrating the life of those who know longer dwell with us
light a match and start a fire
get others to do it to and send me their links
I would LOVE to see complete strangers honoring my brother Mark
I don't want 6/9/05 to be just a lil secret shared by frienbds, though if that is what it becomes then so be it
I want to shake the world
He's been gone nearly 4 years
He deserves this
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