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1. Name: Rachel
2. Age: 18
3. Where are you from? Michigan
4. How did you hear about this community? community promo
5. Give in a small summary what exactly you are dealing with: I was raped when I was 16, thats how I lost my virginity, I was also molested by a friends father for 3.5 years.
6. How long have you been going through this? it still effects me everyday
7. What are some coping strategies you have done in the past to help you deal? therapy
8. If some of these strategies are destructive, please describe what you get out of them.
9. What are your goals in life? to overcome things, forgive, be successful
10. Why did you join this community and what do you plan to get out of it? just some support and help
11. Tell us a little about yourself..these can include hobbies,favorite movies, a funny story..whatever you want: I love harry potter, the color pink, reading, layouts, keeping this journal, singing, dancing
12. Name one song that best describes what you are feeling right now: Are you happy now? Michelle Branch
13. Do you wanna wake up tomorrow? yes
14. And finally..post a picture of yourself so we can all ooh and ahh at how beautiful you are!!!! If you don't have a picture of yourself then post a picture or poem that best describes you.

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