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  • Music: reading alot of posts recently got me to thinking about things about the intentions of this community...and i have come up w/ a solution.

when i first created this community i thought to myself *i am not a therapist nor is anyone else thats probably gonna be apart of this, therefore we shouldn't practice actual therapy on each other like a psychologist would do because it is unethical if we dont have a license blah blah blah blah* (yea im a psych major)

But as more people are joining im beginning to think that a support community is not a support community unless we as members dont offer

support isnt necessarily whipping up an entry about your problems and then people leaving comments about how sorry they are and stuff...i mean dont get me wrong, those kinds of comments are indeed helpful and i encourage them...but i was wondering if it is possible to somehow incorporate problem solving as well as comments such as mentioned...

i thought of this because i have been to support groups for depression and stress management...the first one i went to consisted of six different girls and a councilour meeting once a week and everyone woulld go around and say what they have been up they have been feeling...some people would start crying, people would get angry, and everyone else listening would offer words of support like *oh im so sorry, i hope things get better we are here for you* and yes, all that is very good..but in the end, the person still felt the same way about their situations...they still felt like shit about themselves and so on...

the second group i went to which was an outpatient program at a hospital consisted of that as well...but it also took a problem solving approach to it too..which was alot more beneficial....

dont get me not demanding this become strictly problem solving..i guess what im saying is that im asking for feedback from you guys on what you think of obviously joined this community reasons being that you went through or are currently going through some type of trauma and want support and i guess the best thing to do as your mod is to just present this to you guys and hear what the community thinks of it...i know that i am no position what so ever to act as a therapist.nor is anyone else, but i think that we are all in a position where we take little things from what he learned or are learning from our issues and present them to the other person....anyway, im done pondering..lemme know what you guys think.

also..i created this community because i myself am in the recovery process from depression,ptsd,anxiety,self mutilation,alcholism,low self esteem,self doubt etc...this community is something that i use to help myself as well as to find comfort in seeing people help each other and help yea, just wanted to add that.

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