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intro survey

1. Name: desi
2. Age: 24
3. Where are you from? australia. moving to the netherlands later this year.
4. How did you hear about this community? ad on community_promo
5. Give in a small summary what exactly you are dealing with: quite a mixed bag. autism, bipolar, chronic fatigue, recent estrangement from my mother, back pain.
6. How long have you been going through this? all my life.
7. What are some coping strategies you have done in the past to help you deal? sleep, self injury, confiding in my fiance.
8. If some of these strategies are destructive, please describe what you get out of them. trying the less destructive options first.
9. What are your goals in life? at the moment, only to get to my fiance.
10. Why did you join this community and what do you plan to get out of it? i just want to share with people.
11. Tell us a little about yourself..these can include hobbies,favorite movies, a funny story..whatever you want: all i can say right now is i am tired.
12. Name one song that best describes what you are feeling right now: see 11.
13. Do you wanna wake up tomorrow? no, not tomorrow... the next day, maybe.
14. And a picture of yourself so we can all ooh and ahh at how beautiful you are!!!! If you don't have a picture of yourself then post a picture or poem that best describes you.

me with red hair!
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