Elemental Fey (elemental_fey) wrote in mypainexposed,
Elemental Fey

Dr Phil Wannabe Is In The House

One of the rules gave me reason for concern and I wanted to pursue it before any ugliness issued from a misconception.

I joined this list primarly because I am a Psych major who likes to help - however I come very much from the Dr.Phil school of Psychlogy in that I belive in "telling it like it is". Most of my freinds come to me for advice and tell me that I am tough but fair - and usually quite helpful.

All of that said I do not wish my presence to be a problem for those here, and if my style would be too abrupt I will gladly walk away now, before feelings get hurt. The thing is I can't be anyone other then who I am - and I can't watch others suffer without trying to intervene...
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