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these daily thought records really help....

LoL i am reading and doing the exercises in my self esteem workbook and one of them is to spend everyday for two weeks taking time to write down a situation that triggers self criticism, distorted thoughts that produce negative feelings towards myself..then i label the distortions and write down alternative positive statements that talk back to the thoughts that produce feelings of worthlessness and finding that it is really helping....also, if any of you are interested here is a book that i strongly recommend for people..its called "Feeling Good" by David me this is not some pop psychology from a bullshit con artist...this book is based on studies done about the effectiveness of cognitive therapy in treating depression,negative thoughts,low self esteem, reading it right now and its really good so far so next time ur in barnes and noble or borders..skim through some pages if u want, cuz it is a good book..

self help books are good..its the bullshit pop psychology self help books written by ppl who have no idea what they are talking about that give these kinds of books a bad name....but this book is even recommended by cognitive therapists and psychiatrists as well..

ok, gonna go shower now cuz im smelly from the gym..i hope everyone is doing okay today...remember: recovery takes one day at a time..and if anyone wants to talk feel free to im me.
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